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May 2016

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest in our Wampum Quahaug Shell Jewelry.  This website highlights about 800 items in our complete catalog.  Our wampum jewelry has proven to be an excellent addition for souvenir, gift, museum and jewelry stores.

Wampum has played a significant role in Native American culture for thousands of years, traditionally used as adornment, to display rites of passage, and woven into belts to record oral traditions.  Since the early history of the American colonies, strings off wampum shell beads have also been used as a medium of exchange and became America's first currency.  Today, wampum is still made from the quahaug shell, found along the American eastern seaboard.  Our shells are environmentally correct by-products of clam processing operations.  Ideal shells, thick with dark purple edges, are becoming scarce and valuable.  The beads and cabs are difficult to make.

We have 7 jewelry lines/catalogs:  

We have over 200 different wampum quahaug shell beads, shapes, and cabochons.  Please request the specific full catalogs in which you have an interest.  

Our Costume jewelry is sold on  hanging "WAMPUM" cards, as are our Natural and Sterling Silver items, when requested.  Story cards and cotton-filled purple boxes, that fit our hanging cards, are also available.  We offer a display program for our jewelry on hanging cards - a four-sided counter display that includes a "WAMPUM" sign and actual quahaug shell that has proven to sell more jewelry.  Our jewelry is made with care to insure its quality and we guarantee your complete satisfaction. 

We hope you will consider carrying one or more lines of this unique wampum jewelry that meets your needs and we look forward to your order.


Joshua L. Freeman

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